What commonalities do you see? What are the period's major achievements? what are its major shortcomings?

Split these up into local, state, and national Progressivism, and then into good/bad and, if we have time, racially/ethnically problematic and NOT racially/ethnically problematic.

Jane Addams’ Hull House (first one founded 1889)

Hazen Pingree (mayor of Detroit, 1889-97) and “Golden Rule” Jones (mayor of Toledo 1897-1904)

Socialist Party (founded 1901)

Steffens’ The Shame of the Cities (1904)

Ida Tarbell’s History of the Standard Oil Company (1904)

Conservation movement


Roosevelt Corollary (1905)

Lochner v NY (1905)

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle (1906)

Pure Food and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act (both 1906)

“Melting Pot” idea (1908)

Muller v Oregon (1908)

NAACP (founded 1909)

LaFollette’s “Wisconsin Idea” (mostly enacted 1911)

Initiative (23 states allow it 1898-1912), referendum, recall

Taft’s dollar diplomacy (1908-12)

Wilson’s moral imperialism in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (1912-20)

16th Amendment (1913)

17th Amendment (1913)

Wilson in Mexico (1914-15)

Margaret Sanger and birth control (Planned Parenthood founded 1916)

Espionage Act (1917), Sedition Act (1918)

IQ tests (in common use during WWI)

War Industries Board (1917)

Railroad Administration, Food Administration (1917)

CPI (1917)

anti-German crusade (1917-18)

immigration restrictions (1917)

14 Points (1918)