header by Emerson Taymor, 2005

1. The Colonial Era: 1607-1763

2. The Revolutionary Era: 1763-1789

3. The Early National Period: 1789-1824

4. Jacksonian America: 1824-1848

5. Antebellum America: 1848-1860

6. The Civil War Era: 1861-1877

7. The Gilded Age: 1877-1901

8. Progressivism: 1901-1920

9. The Twenties

10. Depression and New Deal: 1929-1939

11. World War II: 1939-1945

12. Early Cold War: 1945-1963

13. Social Ferment: 1945-1960

14. The Sixties

15. The Seventies and After




English thoughts about Virginia colonization

Pres. of Va. Company, 1609, on new settlers: “A more damned crew hell never vomited.”

Sir William Herbert, colonial promoter: “Colonies degenerate assuredly when the colonists imitate and embrace the habits, customs, and practices of the natives. There is no better way to remedy this evil than to do away with and destroy completely the habits and practices of the natives.”

Secretary of Va. colony, 1612: proper Indian policy is “by degrees to chaung [change] their barbarous natures, make them ashamed the sooner of their savadge nakedness, informe them of the true god, and of the waie to their salvation, and fynally teach them obedience to the King’s Majestie and to his Governours in those parts.”

Another promoter: “Our intrusion into their possession shall tend to their great good, and no way to their hurt, unlesse as unbridled beasts, they procure it to themselves.”